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That means not wasting their time stalling as you speed-read the menu. If you haven't decided on a dish, let your server know and trust that they'll return to your table in a few minutes.

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It also means not asking your server to make several trips to your table in the span of a few minutes. Mike says that customers asking for items one at a time is one of his biggest pet peeves. I need hot sauce. I need another [ Those requests could easily be fulfilled in one trip to the kitchen. Next time you get seated in a restaurant, think twice before asking your server to switch tables.

Restaurants divide their floor plan into sections, and each server is responsible for a different group of tables.

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According Jon, the worst time to complain about where you were seated is when a restaurant is busy: Servers have to be prepared to work a different schedule every week, work late into the night, and work on weekends. This can make maintaining a normal social life challenging. And on the days many 9-to-5 workers go out to celebrate, servers have to wait on them.

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I missed a New Years party in my house. Perfumers are a rare breed. These half-artist, half-scientist hybrids undergo rigorous training, memorize the smells of hundreds of ingredients, and spend decades honing their craft—which might explain why there are reportedly more astronauts than perfumers in the world, according to the BBC. For many, the job isn't merely about peddling bottles of sweet-smelling stuff to consumers; the goal is to convey an emotion, create a beautiful moment, or jog a childhood memory.

To find out what it takes to create top-notch fragrances, Mental Floss spoke with three perfumers who broke into the industry through very different paths. Master perfumers are sometimes called a nez —the French word for "nose"—for good reason. They commit hundreds of scents to memory and can distinguish between ingredients that would smell identical to the untrained nose.

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Many perfumers can also tell an essential oil from a synthetic material, which is no small feat. The trick, she says, is to associate each smell with a distinct memory. The link between smell and memory has actually been proven by science—one study by neurobiologists at the University of Toronto revealed that the brain not only stores information about certain scents, but also memories of when and where you first encountered them.

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Many perfumers have a heightened sense of smell. Jersey City-based perfumer Christopher Brosius, who founded the rebellious fragrance brand CB I Hate Perfume a reference to his distaste for most commercial fragrances is one of them.

They just had the capacity to think in a different way about what they were doing with scent and combining it in unique and interesting ways. Like many professional perfumers, Wilson was educated at what's now the Givaudan Perfumery School in France. Former director Jean Guichard has said he hand-selected students based on their personality, talent, and motivations. It's not unheard of for the world's top perfumers to make six figures.

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The now-four-year Givaudan program is rigorous. First, students have to memorize about raw materials, Wilson says. Next, they learn how to build accords, which are the fragrance notes like rose or jasmine that form the heart of a perfume. The latter camp includes Mandy Aftel, a perfumer in Berkeley, California, who dropped a fulfilling career in psychotherapy to pursue a budding passion for perfume-making.

For information about natural materials, she turned to fragrance books from the early s, before synthetic materials started to saturate the market. Now, her Aftelier Perfumes business uses hundreds of natural ingredients—no synthetics—to create unique fragrances, and she has a loyal clientele. Fragrance is used in many different ways, some of which we encounter on a daily basis without realizing it. In the case of toilet-bowl cleaners, cat litter, and asphalt, the goal is not necessarily to create a pleasant aroma; instead, the challenge is to mask an unpleasant one.

However, many of the perfumers working on the industrial side have scientific backgrounds and tend to work for a chemical company rather than a perfume label, Wilson says. Some undiluted ingredients—such as cinnamon—can cause severe chemical burns if they get on one's skin. Cruiseline has been serving men for year now, actually to the extent of organizing various community events, aimed at giving back to the community.

The official chatline name is simply Cruiseline. So when getting started, you only need to visit their official page at http: Once you do that, you can call their official number 1. You realize that this place is one of the hottest avenues to meet horny men who want to hook up for friendship, dating or simply for pleasure. Nov 16 - Nov 25, Nov 30 - Dec 9, Jan 11 - Jan 18, Apr 21 - May 1, May 11 - May 21, The Olivia Experience is about women having fun together, making friends — and maybe even finding that special someone.

Relax by the pool or plan a shore excursion. Cruising is an amazing way to travel — your meals and accommodations are included. Unpack once and see the world! Welcome to all-inclusive fun, olivia-style, where we always buy out the entire resort! At our resorts you can enjoy comfortable accommodations just steps away from the beach, sun and sand.

Alcohol, soft drinks, gourmet food and a wide array of activities are included, of course.

Riverboat cruising is Hot! It is also the very best way to truly immerse yourself into the heart of a destination. Olivia chooses the best riverboats and customizes each itinerary. Enjoy an included daily tour, all meals, and wine and soft drinks with dinner. Dreaming of an adventure that will take you off the beaten path?

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Eager to learn more about the world around you? Want to experience an African Safari in depth? These trips include all meals, excursions and expert guides to educate you about the places you visit. Each year we offer a new and exciting calendar of unforgettable destinations and experiences from which to choose.

With hundreds of solos on each of our cruise and resort vacations, you have endless opportunities to make new friends — and maybe even meet that special someone. Our Solos Program, staffed by our very own Olivia Solos Coordinators, offers a wide array of activities — from dances and mixers to sunset cruises and pool games—allowing you to meet and mingle throughout your trip.

Plus, Olivia will arrange a room-share for you, making your vacation even more affordable! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beginnings of your new life together on your Olivia honeymoon! We've partnered with Honeymoon Wishes to provide an easy and seamless way to register for your honeymoon. Register at Olivia Honeymoon Wishes for your honeymoon, browse through the selections of gifts you can receive and let your friends know just how easy it is for them to purchase a gift for you, the happy couple.

Icons of our community. Olivia pulls out all the stops when it comes to entertainment and special guests!

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