Dating your friend ex girlfriend

Wait - Is It Ever Acceptable To Date Your Friend's Ex?

I married my friends ex. I didn't want ask her out at first because he did get hurt when we started dating. But I knew if I didn't I would always regret not at least giving it a shot. He hasn't talked to me since. Still married 5 years later.

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Have one child and a happy life. It seems to me that if it is a legitimate long term option, it's worth the risks. Now, I just have to figure that part out.

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  6. If you see a possible future with someone I think you should. I would have never did what I did if I just wanted to sleep with her. And I was up front with him about it. I told him I was going to ask her out because I didn't want it to seem like I was going behind his back. He still was still upset though. He's since moved out of state. Wish him the best though and I hope he's happy. I feel like you got lucky though. How many times would this actually end up perfect in the long run? If you guys had not gotten married, would you still feel good about your decision?

    I definitely got lucky. But that's the point. I love my wife more than I thought was even possible. She's given me a beautiful son and made my house a home.

    Is it ever OK to date your friend’s ex?

    The odds of finding a relationship like that is slim. I felt there was a chance of that to start with. Even if it was one in a million I think it's worth a try at least for me. I'm sorry I hurt my friend but like I said before I always would have wondered what could have been. But if two people want to be with each other and pursue a relationship who are you to stand in the way of their happiness?

    Not saying I'm without wrong in the situation.

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    2. It’s never OK to date your friend’s ex – and this is why.
    3. It’s never OK to date your friend’s ex, and this is why | Metro News?
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    5. I never told her how I felt when they were together. But I'm sure it showed to a degree even without me meaning to do so.

      Be prepared for consequences you might not like

      If you value your friendship, probably never. If you talk about it with him and he says go for it, it will still probably ruin the friendship eventually. I'm assuming that you're considering doing this and would caution you to go find one of the literally billions of other women on earth that were not dating your best friend and fuck her instead.

      I am the ex girlfriend.

      Is it OK to Date Your Friend’s Ex?

      Just seeing from a man's perspective how likely it would be for my ex's best friend to admit feelings for me. Seems unlikely from the responses. I can be at peace with that because I also don't want to hurt my ex. I would never try to break up their friendship.

      If no move, then I will pass on by. But we have also been broken up for one year and have a very cordial relationship. It was a mutual compatibility break up. Another part of the story is that the best friend was married the whole time my ex and I were together, so we never really all hung out together, and when we did there were no feelings because Fast forward to a year later, he is divorced and it's like meeting a brand new man.

      And thus the feelings sparked! If they split up by mutual decision then it should be fine and if a friendship is "ruined" because of that then he was a goddamn bitch. If she completely backstabbed him, okay, understandable, but if that didn't happen and they had reasons to break off then I see no reason to start a new relationship. I know plenty of couples who broke up amicably and still hang around just as friends all the time. None of them are pining for their former partners or anything. There's no reason why anyone shouldn't be allowed to date any of them.

      My best friend is married to my ex. When she and I were together, they always got along really well, and it occasionally occurred to me that they would be a better couple than she and I were. She and I broke up around a year later, but it was very amicable. Around a year later, he called me up and said that they had been hanging out more often lately, and the last few times felt more like dates than just friends hanging out. I told him to go for it, because I thought they'd be good together.

      We're all still really close, and I was right, they were a better couple than she and I ever were. But if he's legitimately moved on weeks to years depending on the relationship then clear it with him first and go for it.

      Dating Your Ex’s Best Friend

      You're supposed to love your friends. That means not doing things you know will hurt them for your own sefish gain.

      Want to add to the discussion?

      Yes, even if you thinks it's a stupid thing to be hurt over. I would say a combination of time and the circumstances of the separation. For time, it's going to vary based on the people and the duration of their relationship. If you dated for 3 years before breaking up, I'd probably cool it for awhile. It's going to most likely still be very raw and having an ex jump into bed with a close friend shortly after breaking up would be very painful. Similarly, it will depend on the nature of the break-up.

      For example, it just had started drifting and you both agreed that it was time to move on? Was it differing life preferences, e. Was it because one of you moved for their career and the other didn't want to? These kinds of things can end well enough that moving on should be very natural.

      Explain a time when dating your best friend's ex-girlfriend is ok. : AskMen

      On the other hand, was there cheating involved? In that case it's probably in everyone's interest to steer clear of each others' friend groups regardless of who was the perpetrator and who was the victim. Speaking firsthand, my first relationship was not good. It was tumultuous, somewhat emotionally manipulative, and there was some major sexual baggage.

      She started sleeping with one of my friends, though not a close one, literally while I was on the vacation during which she broke up with me. It was a really bad time for me and I developed some serious issues to work through. I didn't really blame the childhood friend because I don't think he really knew the extent of the problems from our relationship and I tried to just grit my teeth through it.

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