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Oooo … his uniform is tight! And we imagine similarly so, his physique that lies underneath such form fitting work attire.

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Undercover cop doing a sting at a Las Vegas hotel finds a little down time during operations for a little tan time at the pool. I think this hairy hunk, with that soft, strokable chest hair looks firefighter-ish with the work overalls jaws of life metal pry thingy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I became a firefighter to work on my soul, my muscles and my body … to get educated, to work with fellow heroes, and to live my life and defy death and my fears. When I enter the flaming temples of diablo, the satanic scorched chambers of hell, the infernal furnaces of pure evil - I use the strength of my will, my life force, and the knowledge to know that I must survive the heat to be me.

Dec 03 A body meant to be shown off!

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  • I love big bows to clip in my hair. I love sparkles and pretty dresses.

    Welcome to Tumblr!

    I love reading, cooking and baking and I will make anything my daddy needs or wants. I will do my best to be a good baby girl for my daddy but I also suffer with depression and anxiety and I have a lot of panic attacks. Time to meet the real soul mate.

    Now some basic stuff about me so you know if you wanna talk or not. Im twenty years old and been into this lifestyle for five years. So I would consider myself fairly experienced.

    Im into nerdy culture and gaming… skyrim, star wars and LOTR to name a few. Im not looking for anyone in particular, you can be bitchy or quiet, Tsundere or Deredere, black or white.

    dating uk | Tumblr

    We can chat here, in private, hangouts or on kik… whichever you guys are comfortable with most. Also to be honest talk is cheap, especially online. Im a genuine, attractive, down to earth daddy searching for my babygirl. Im specifically searching for a babygirl that hasnt had a daddy before. I dont do one night stands, and Im not into girls that move from one guy to the next just to be with someone.

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    Im searching for that spark and to experience everything for the first time together. I love everything pink, glitter, stuffies, cuddles, bath times, cartoons, pleasing my daddy and having rules to follow. Im not from UK, so distance is okay.

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    • Looking for a partner?
    • Are you mostly a good girl? And someone who loves to roleplay??

      Do you enjoy colouring, watching Disney in bed surrounded by your stuffies?? Do you love special princess bubbly baths and bedtime stories? If all this sounds like heaven to you, then I may be the Daddy for you!! I am very protective and needy XD.

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      So yes please message me if you are interested. I hope we get along well and have a nice day! Rules and punishments come with it! You can chat to me on kik: Birmingham, UK -Sexual Orientation: But I am looking for my very first daddy who can love me and take care of me. Posts Ask me something. Looking to find a partner?

      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr
      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr
      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr
      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr
      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr
      uk dating tumblr Uk dating tumblr

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