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Bungie's forums are set for improvements to make up for a lack of matchmaking in certain modes.

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There's a couple of clans for different timezones, I'm in europe so I joined Cerberus Wolves and it's been great! I don't think you can actively choose to do a Strike solo, can you?

I know the game will dump you into an empty Strike if the matchmaking fails, but there isn't an option to choose to be solo. Yeah, I answered the same thing in my response. It has auto matchmaking for normal Strikes.

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Only Nightfall Strikes have matchmaking disabled. Honestly for me it's caused issues having teammates in the past because I wanted to do a specific strike to do a bounty and those teammates more or less got in the way of what I wanted to do. Personally I wish only the actual Strike playlists had matchmaking on, or that you could turn it off and it was on by default. As someone who put a decent amount of time into Destiny and only played with friends on a few occasions, I'd say that yes, you can have fun with it.

There's going to be a hard limit to the things you can do without a group, like raids. I played almost every day for a few months, doing the dailies and that sort of thing, but I haven't played since early So this is my admittedly out-of-date experience with the game. The game was still fun. Yeah, the Wolves are good people. If you are in Europe, there is no better place for you around here. Good luck in Destiny 2. Also, since it wasn't linked here, even though you can find it on the Clans and Grouping post, here is the link to our Giant Bomb Destiny Discord Server.

You can have fun playing destiny solo The monotony of the loot grind will catch up with you far quicker if you play on your own though. I understand that all video games are pointless when you think about them, but something about Destiny feels especially meaningless without a group. It was an incredible podcast game, and yes, the strikes were designed so that it was mostly picking a thing you wanted to do and doing it.

Obviously you wouldn't be optimizing your runs with strangers, but you yourself could get better at the thing you wanted to do during those strikes and they were never designed that if you were matched with someone else with a similar mindset you'd be hopelessly overrun by another element of the strike. I hope Destiny 2 works the same way, because I just don't have any interest in using voice chat and being unable to mute the game if I'd like.

My biggest hope is that they'll have found a way to give players like me more diverse, challenging things to do that go beyond remixing and remastering previous missions; obviously it's probably a bit much to ask of Bungie to create single player missions of Raid-level complexity, but as someone who just plainly has no interest in that side of the game, or the PVP, I'd like to see them give me something else to do while I shoot at aliens that feels of a similar level of accomplishment. Depends on what you want.

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Solo Destiny is a chill shooter you can just play while you listen to a podcast or something. Some people are fine with the more chill solo or coop experience with a significant other. Some people go in for the end game challenge and competitive end game PvP. It's all up to personal preference. I've played most of my hundreds of hours in Destiny 1 solo and its still fun. Raids, Nightfall, and Challenge of Elders doesn't have matchmaking so you need a team. One of the best parts of the game I think compared to other MMO style games is that besides Raid specific drops you can most of the exotics and reach max light level just by doing strikes and patrols.

Like other here have said it's fun to play while having something else on in the background and just relaxing and shooting aliens. If this game is anything like the first one, you need a group to have fun.

It becomes a real grind otherwise. Of course you can. I played all of Destiny 1 solo and I had a blast. You won't be able to do the raids or nightfall stuff by yourself but if that doesn't bother you then you should have no problems. I think this question needs to be asked at this point, should a solo player wait for Destiny 2 to have it's Taken King?

I usually prefer co-op I can't imagine playing the Gears franchise and a few other series alone, but when it comes to Destiny I don't think it really matters. The combat is very easy and quick. Unlike something like Mass Effect, powers don't really matter nor interact Please Log In to post. I'm trying to figure out what must have happened here, or do they really believe that a lack of matchmaking will somehow be good?

Then again, who knows, it might actually work out for the best. I guess I'll give Bungie the benefit of the doubt here. This as opposed to the, what was then, standard in MMOs of recruiting players for a guild, communicating, and team-building. Happy to see Bungie wants the players to organize, and actually communicate with each other before starting raid content. It'll be a better game because of it. You should clarify in the topic title that its specifically for raids only.

Destiny Devs Respond to Formal Protest Over Skill Based Matchmaking

Everything else has matchmaking. But this is only for Raids. You should clarify that in the thread title. People don't read OPs. I wouldn't call Destiny "essentially an MMO" due to a huge number of factors, but they are definitely making an experience more like what PC gamers are used too with MMOs. You need to understand these kind of games before you can truly understand why matchmaking doesn't work. MMO-like content isn't something you can just do with random players as it's not built for randoms being paired together. The vast majority of the content in this game is built for people who have a good line of communication with each other, matchmaking groups rarely basically never have that.

You get matched into your game, you play with your team or solo, you do your best to play your role but you rarely hear detailed communications between people. The way they are setting up Destiny puts players in situations where instead of forcing players to play together, they simply allow players to interact with each other in any way they want. In the open world players ultimately have the choice who they want to help and how.

This builds much more natural relationships than just forcing it on people, and from what I can tell they are building their content where you're going to need some strong relationships with people in order to beat the content. This is very MMO like and I don't expect non-mmo gamers to understand. This approach works wonders and is the reason why there are still gaming communities who have been playing with each other since the Everquest days on the PC.

When you join an MMO gaming community, odds are you didn't just say "I want to join you", you were probably invited due to their interactions with you in the open world or were invited through mutual friends. There are plenty of cases to just randomly join groups, but the nature of MMOs allows players to get a feel for the group before taking on any real challenges. It's hard to explain to a person who's never really spent any time in an MMO.

Constantly ending up in Empty games. - Forums

Basically I know this setup will work in the long run. We will see more dedicated Destiny communities built due to the fact that players are given the choice if they want to help each other and how. This should help Destiny have a real strong community in the long run. The content isn't being built for randoms who've never worked with each other to complete.

You'll need to know your teammates personality, playstyle, and probably loadouts so you can best compliment each other's abilities. This actually makes me confident that Bungie is making the right decisions with how they are building the content. This is awesome to hear and I hope with other games like Destiny coming The Divison, The Crew we start seeing this as a trend in mainstream gaming. Matchmaking is great for competitive PvP games no doubt and I'm not denying that communities don't form there, but the kind of content we see in Destiny requires a different kind of community than that of the CoD, Halo, and Battlefield variety.

Destiny Devs Respond to Formal Protest Over Skill Based Matchmaking

As a former wow player I can tell you they are right. Trust me they are doing Yall a favor. Given the very low number of people I come across that have headsets on the PS3, the prospect of having to communicate on that platform isn't all that appealing. Bungie did the raids right, not allowing matchmaking where people can just leave when they feel like it. I like that, that a raid is about commitment of the players.

I see what they are trying to achieve and it rests primarily on the backs of lazy ass gamers quitting mid-game. It happens all the time and this way those jumping in know they are there till completion. Sure, it would be nice to have matchmaking but like the dev stated, people are far more willing to quit with match making then they would be after telling someone they are committed to the cause.

Competitive's NEW Matchmaking Change (Is this an Improvement?) - Destiny 2 Black Armory

Wasn't the beta just matchmaking 4 players to go through a level with the occasional travel to the hub. You make a good point. However the difference is console gaming vs pc gaming. Console gamers, from my experience, want more of a "twitch".. Yea in the long run it makes for chaotic sometimes unenjoyable matches, but it does satisfy those who simply want to enjoy a quick minute session. I guess we'll see next month. That's the whole point of the "commitment" Bungie spoke of.

Destiny features no commitment areas like the Crucible minutes where you just go for one game then go again for another to aspects like raids hours upon hours that are something completely different.

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