Dating a married but separated man

Dating someone who is separated? Here’s how to make the best of a bad situation

The bottom line is that going through a divorce requires a lot of him — he must grieve, heal, hash through legalities, potentially adjust to single parenting and financial limitations, as well as rediscover a new sense of who he is today. It is a process that requires time, self-awareness and hard work. He is still married; just saying….

Dating after Divorce: 3 Keys to Dating Someone Who is Just Separated

I also hasten to add that not every separated man is disastrous to date — and should be considered as a unique individual. If you chose to proceed in dating him, I caution you to proceed slowly and with eyes wide open. Here are seven flashing warning signs to heed:. If your separated man consistently avoids talking about his divorce or says things to minimize or downplay it, consider it a war ning sign worth flagging. When a man has truly processed his divorce and moved on, he should be able to speak to it with compassion, kindness, and wisdom. Going through a divorce is a big deal.

This is a man who once loved his wife, believed in marriage and the family dream, and committed himself to making it work. Accepting that that dream has died — and that he failed —is a painful process that requires the healing hands of time. Throwing himself into dating or another relationship may temporarily make him feel better — but it only postpones the inevitable inner work that needs to be done. It amazes me how many men are two, three, even five years or more into their separation, and still not officially divorced.

We know that the marriage is done. It symbolizes the completion of an old life — a finished chapter — as well as the freedom and independence to create a new future ahem, and a new relationship, possibly with you!

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Maybe it has gotten messy. He may not even be aware of it. As they say, actions speak louder than words. Anger is a normal and healthy phase for your separated man to go through. Your separated man could be angry at many things: Often, his anger will be directed towards his wife — not necessarily through long rants but through small jabs, backhanded remarks and seething sarcasm disguised as humour.

Dating After Divorce: 3 Keys to Dating Someone Who is Just Separated

How incredibly draining for you. Whatever the case may be, these kinds of circumstances are extremely stressful for him, which will inevitably ripple into your relationship together in some way s. What this means for you, however , is that you have a rebounder on your hands; a rebounder with some major inner work and big responsibilities in tow.


Without a doubt, child support payments are a huge responsibility and a source of emotional and financial stress for many men. Please, before you buy into his tale of woe, veer on the skeptical side. Child support payments are based on the cold hard numbers reported by both spouses in their tax returns. Why do married people separate? Reason number one, they are waiting for a divorce. These are people who separate as a way station to divorce. They live separately and work through the experience trying to decide whether to leave or not.

How to Date a Separated Man Who Is Not Divorced

Divorce is a real issue for them. Separation is being used mostly to help them decide when and how to divorce. Reason number two is, using separation to take a break. If marriage has gotten stressful or painful for some reason, a separation is one way to avoid any further destructive consequences. The philosophy goes something like this, if I get away from you I will avoid hurting you further or being hurt by you further or both.

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Married couples who find it difficult to work out their marital problems in any other way may find this method better than permanently leaving their marriage. Now some couples have difficulty because of individual problems one or both parties have that require a cure before the relationship can resume.

This might involve alcohol abuse, drug abuse, relationship abuse, or mental illness of some kind. In these cases, separation is only physical and both spouses intend to resume their relationship once the worst is over. There is one more reason that comes to mind. I have encountered couples where one or both spouses are too immature to remain married in a healthy manner.

The love between them is strong but the relationship is premature. Because the love they have for each other is strong, it lasts and waits for that future time when they come back together changed by time and maturation. This kind of separation reminds us of how resilient love can be. This would mean your separated lover intends to remain in a perpetual separation. I am engaged to a man who has emotionally and physically separated from his abusive wife.

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What I am keen to know is, if there is an accident, can she block me legally from seeing him? Usually, if they are still married, then yes, she can. She has all legal say so over him in that circumstance. Which, unfortunately, looks really bad in front of a judge, and no one will look to you with respect. My boyfriend of seven years just recently split up with me. This whole time he has still been married to his wife, although they are separated.

She lives in another house with her boyfriend. After this much time together, this has become the breaking point for me.

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  • I used to want him to get a divorce to marry me, but at this point I would be happy if he just got a divorce, period. How can I get him to understand that there is more to remaining married to his wife then just the financial concerns? What can I say that will get through to him?

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    Separated But Not Divorced: Should You Date Him?

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