Dating a busy girlfriend

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Is your significant other too ‘busy’ for you? Here’s what you can do

There is no step 3. The reason I've said this is… …. Thank you for your feedback! What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo? Updated Jun 14, Can a very very unattactive guy get to date a beautiful girl? How do I get to date a girl in Chennai? How do I date a girl? How did you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Dating Tip: Let Her Know You're Busy (Even If You're Not)

I believe the best way for an interested party to score a date with a busy woman is to keep the following in mind: Establish some form of interest or connection first This may not apply across the board, but my main issue with frequent dating is the risk it implies to the use of my time. The trick is, to establish value interest and connection before you ask me on a date. If I know the person asking me out and have some form of or potential for vested interest in them, I will likely be willing to make the time for that date.

Take that initial time to establish a rapport and open the possibility for connection, and she will likely be willing to go on a date with you to explore romantic potential, despite her demanding schedule. Be assertive when you ask her out Nothing irks me more than agreeing to a date only to have the person act flakey or flippant in regards to the plans. If you want to spend that time with her, be assertive when you ask and when you both discuss the plans regardless of whether they are entirely low-key or otherwise for that date.

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And again, no offer to reschedule. I told her that I really like her, and understand she has a lot going on right now, but I just don't see how I can fit into her life right now. She said she completely understood, she's sorry she can't be there as much as she'd like to be. She said she really likes spending time with me, but time just doesn't seem to exist for her right now. She said she likes me a lot, and is sorry the timing is off. I said I liked her a lot too, and wish there was a way this could work. So she asked if we could be friends for now.

I guess we're going to try that. It's just such a sad situation. Thanks for the update. Sorry it didn't work out but trust me, it wasn't a good situation for you. You're not a priority in her life. I can't really blame her, school and work are definitely important. However, if you find someone special, you will make time for them. I suggest you cordially stop hanging out with her and having contact with her.

Continuing to talk to her is only going to make you keep liking her and right now you need to treat this like a breakup. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you were completely right and I should have taken your advice to not stay friends. We didn't talk for a bit after things ended, but she texted me a week later saying "just wanted to say hi, saw blahblah and thought of you. We ended up making out all night, she was all over me. We didn't talk about it but she texted me the next day and we kept talking. So I'd stop texting her and then she'd reach out a week later and start talking to me again.

But still turn me down when I suggested to hang out. This has been going on for the past month or so. So now I'm really confused and think she doesn't really want an actual friendship and just likes the attention. And it sucks, because I do still really like her. I wish I wasn't right but I was in your exact situation three years ago. You really need to cut her out of your life, cold turkey.

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I told her I thought she was a bad friend and didn't want to talk to her anymore. She respected my wishes and didn't contact me.

For your sake, you need to cut things off with her. Take yourself out of the situation for a second:. Person A is always there for Person B. They make time for them and treat them like they want to be treated. Person B only calls Person A when it's convenient for them. They only hang out on Person B's schedule. Person B ignores calls and texts from Person A. Person B also emotionally abuses Person A. Ask yourself, do you really want someone like Person B in your life?

Dating a super busy girl. Worried I might be on the back burner now. : OkCupid

I ultimately I reached out to the girl I was in your situation with about three months later and we began a true friendship. Truth be told, I still wasn't over her, but had accepted the fact that we would not be anything more than friends. It may take you a while but trust me, you will get over her.

It honestly took me a long time months to get over her but eventually I did and it made me a better person. I get over girls much quicker now and can read them better.

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Best of luck, man. I think relationship is not a huge priority for her. The only way to find out how she feels about you is to talk to her. I disagree with people saying that she must have someway to make time for things that she values. People are busy period. Relationships don't pay bills. I don't know, maybe it's because of how retarded this sub is being today but I read the title as:. I'm thinking, well no shit you're on the back burner. I've been the super busy person and still am.

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  • I hadn't seen my bf for almost two weeks: Granted I was sick for about a week. It doesn't mean I don't love him, I simply cannot make time for him when I'm exhausted or my business needs attention. A lot of attention.

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