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Yet my gut says there is something not right about his profile being up still. His excuse was he did not have a computer, only his phone to access, and there is no way to deactivate from a mobile device. I got another funny feeling one day, agian while waiting for his text. I checked, and again i was right on the money i should have read this blog before so i did not do what i did again I called him out, this time he flat out lied and got verbally abusive. Well I got smart. And lets just say that because i went out for a girls night instead of hangin with him, that he responded to this other woman.

What Her Online Dating Profile Says About Her

I would also like to include in here that she has sent him text messages from her phone, and is talking about setting up a date with him. I have also made myself avaible for this same night. He will however be stood up by the imaginary women, then the following day, I will tell him that I am no longer interested in seeing him.

Hi Brad, Wow after reading many of these stories I have somewhat of an undertstanding that this is not uncommon.

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

We have taken our relationship to the next level if you can call it a relationship intamacy is great. How do I let what would normally be a wonderful relationship if it were not for his dating profile progress, or how do I let it go? I met a guy online we hit it off really great. I had spoken to him several months before we met. I took my profile down and never asked him if he did or not. I felt if he was into me then he would without asking him to.

He was moving the relatiosnhip way to fast wanting to move in etc. I asked him to back off and please take it slower. Well I found out he is now with a seperated lady he met online. You just never know but I have given up on online dating. We started being exclusive at least I was. I do not trust online dating anymore too many bad experiences and too many shady characters. Sorry to hear your experience went that way Kelly…I promise not all guys are bad though!

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There are some great guys using dating services but sometimes it takes having a good deal of patience to find them. I agree with the advice here — especially the timing — and acknowledge that girls tend to overeact in these matters of the heart so maybe we could all do with a bit of advice to slow down a bit. I am surprised to hear so many experiences similar to mine. I am not a lonely or desperate woman and like to think I have a great life and great friends. So I can see how the boys would struggle to manage that and think that continuing conversations online harmless… It is an enormous confidence booster, flattering to receive attention and the thrill of first dates really good fun.

My thoughts are that YES a girl makes this decision more quickly — instinctively not wishing to harm the budding relationship. And NO a guy views dating so differently to us that it can only be expected that removing his profile is repeatedly a delayed occurrence. If that is the case, how long to you tolerate such lack of respect for YOU, for the investment you are making of your heart and your life?

Lets retain some reality, because being online is so surreal and the rules of engagement so different to real life that some surely find it unbalancing. The principles are the same. If being online and chatting to other girls was face to face lets say and you met a man in this way. Would it be acceptable if he continued to go along to such events and chat and flirt with other girls?

Maybe even go on dates etc? So how on earth can it be acceptable to do it online!? We carried on as usual. He kept his profile online and then during a period where he was busy he removed the profile. I relaxed and began to enjoy the journey, tentatively falling a little by little for him. Last week he activated it again. I asked to understand why.

He said he was checking for my profile and was curious. He asked me if he should take his profile down? I said it was up to him I want him to take it down because he wants to not because I want him to… I did say that him keeping his profile active made me feel that he wished to keep his options open and that if he wanted me to feel that way then to carry on.

He remains curious and I increasingly uncertain of where I stand.

And even after all this thinking and reading: I am still not sure how to handle the situation. I still think its about respect… and not so much about committment. I am not asking the guy to committ to me and plan weddings and babies. I am only asking — in these early stages — for respect enough to put all the other girls aside for a moment… Is that really too much to ask?

That might seem like semantics but I can see where a guy is coming from if he felt like it was commitment. That said, I do agree that in many cases respect is also playing a large role. I know you make a case for not doing this in your comment but I worry that there is some risk in expecting a man to recognize:. The assumption that guys see things just as women do is risky business…especially if you are rapidly ending relationships based on that assumption.

Finally, I think you should have been more honest with your guy. Sure, there is a degree of romance in having the guy take down the profile on his own. However, if we use your examples of the real world versus online dating and really a case that you appear to make that they should operate more similarly: Instead, actually verbally ask it.

Hi, i thought i was the only one in this situation. Ive been with my boyfriend 3 months, we spend every weekend togther and plan to do things. He asked me a month into the relationship to be his girlfirend ive met his family and friends. I thought everything was going well. I stupidly rang him and asked if he wanted to be with me. I never gave the guy a chance to make any changes. I can be rather forthright in these matters — the usual sympton of having been hurt terribly in the past and made a fool of etc.

I just finished it on the assumption that he had had plenty long enough to decide if he liked me a little bit or not..

source url When I think back I am surprised to find that each and every time it was I who decided when he should have an opinion about me, I decided when he should take down his profile and actually I decided everything about timing etc based on my instinct and my feelings. I now realise that I never actually asked outright for any of them to take down their profile to be with me exclusively. I never actually asked! It never occurred to me that I could, that it was an option.

You have given me real food for thought.

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